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The state of Arizona's Super Bowl committee has gotten a head start on drumming up excitement for next year's Super Bowl (because it's just so hard to get people excited for the Super Bowl), which will be held in the Cardinals facility, University of Phoenix Stadium. The committee unveiled a large clock counting down to Super Bowl XLII, a logo for the game, and a new mascot.

[T]he most surprising unveiling Tuesday was of Spike, the Super Ball, who will tour the state working up local excitement for the big game. Spike, who sports sunglasses reflecting Arizona scenery, …will roll all around Arizona, landing back in Glendale on game day…

“(Spike) is a major player to help us all get involved, our team captain,” [committee president Bob] Sullivan said.

Spike the Super Ball. Get it? It sounds like Super Bowl, but it's a football. Not only is it an extremely clever name, but the idea of a football wearing sunglasses is totally original. *cough* Necessary Roughness *cough*

Oh, Necessary Roughness. Such a tease: Kathy Ireland in the shower, but no money shot of her 1990s physical flawlessness. I hereby place my vote for a more explicit remake, starring Marisa Miller. As everybody in the film.

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