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My father-in-law is a master at dealing with scalpers; I’m doubly impressed with him because it’s a skill that I just don’t have–negotiating on the fly makes me pee myself a little. But the scalpers–and some consumers as well–all came out a little wet when Favre decided earlier this week that he would not be under center for the Minnesota Vikings in 2009.

People were so convinced Favre would be throwing for the Vikings this season and anticipation was so high that scalpers swept in and bought up game tickets to make a big turnaround profit on them.

Some people fell for it and bought the ridiculously overpriced tickets, but scalpers that still have tickets to sell are now screwed. Prices have plummeted once again and there’s no money to be made in the deal. via.

Aw, poor scalpers. But I think everyone thought that Favre-to-Vikes was a done deal. Except anyone actually paying attention. Now people are suggesting that the Vikings get Michael Vick, who strikes me as being incredibly similar to Tarvaris Jackson, except more dogfight-y. via. Thanks, flubby.

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