One of the best things about this job is that people from all over the country email me interesting stories about people in sports and the media that they've met.  I received one such email today, about the blogosphere's favorite radio host, Schrutebag, AKA "Colin Cowherd."  Of course, I can't say with any confidence that this is a true story, but I want it to be true, and really, that's good enough for the journalistic standards of With Leather (Editor's note: there are no journalistic standards at With Leather).  At the very least, it stays true to the theme of "Schrutebag is a cowardly asshole" that seems to keep popping up these days.

Without further ado, here's the email, edited only for typos because I'm obsessive-compulsive that way:

A quick Colin Cowherd story you might enjoy.  A couple years back some wrestler died suddenly and Cowherd went off on him and his family and was pretty brutal about it because he hates professional wrestling.  Now I haven't watched wrestling in like 10 years, but from what I understand he was just being a dick to get wrestling fans to call in so he could make fun of them.  Fast forward a year later.  Cowherd is in Miami for who the fuck knows and my buddy is grabbing a drink with a friend at some patio bar.  Now my friend is a big guy, but he was there with a guy that dwarfs him.  Said guy, we'll call him Jeff, is training to be a pro wrestler.  Someone at the bar says there is an espn radio guy in the bar named colin cow-something.  Now Jeff is a pretty calm guy and well-educated, but he can't resist.  This is the following exchange:
Jeff:  "Hey Colin, big fan.  I used to listen to you when I lived in New York last year."
Colin:  "Thanks man, always appreciate it.  You sure you didn't play for the Giants?"
*They share fake laugh*
Jeff:  "Actually, I've been training the last 3 years of my life to be a pro-wrestler."
Colin: long pause of silence.  "Oh….uh….that's great man, good luck."
Jeff:  "Thanks Colin.  But remember when you insulted wrestling fans and called ALL wrestlers a bunch of needle-injecting losers who deserve their terrible fate?"
Colin:  "Uh….uh…that's just radio man.  It's pretty much all an act.  Half the time we just make stuff up"
Jeff:  "So can I get an apology?"
Colin:  "Yeah, I'm sorry man.  didn't mean to insult a fan"
Jeff:  "I'm not a fan, you're a piece of shit and you better hope I never see you again"
Colin: *blank stare*
Jeff:  "Got it?"
Colin:  "yup" (nodding profusely)
Jeff:  *Just stares at him for about 30 seconds to make him feel uncomfortable, then walks away*
Best part is that the bartender told him that he saw Schrutebag puking in the bathroom about 5 minutes later.  I would have payed paid a ton to see this happen!

So, is it true?  Maybe, maybe not.  And by "maybe not" I mean "almost definitely."  I'll update this post with regard to the date and specific location of the run-in when my tipster gets back to me.  Until then, revel in the third-hand truthiness.

TIPSTER'S UPDATE: "Delano Beach Bar in South Beach.  He says it was the 2nd week of the season because he was in Miami for the Bills-Dolphins game.  So I'm assuming that's sometime in mid-september.  I would have looked it up but I'm lazy and that's your job, right?  And because someone asked about it in the comments; no, he didn't make it as a wrestler yet, but my buddy says he's still does independent stuff outside of his real job."

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