India's Olympic Shooting Team is out of ammunition because the government stopped providing it, and now the members of the team are threatening to boycott the upcoming games in Beijing:

The nation's leading medal prospects for the August Games are in shooting, with Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore fancied to bring home a gold medal after winning a double trap silver four years ago in Athens. However, the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) secretary Baljit Singh Sethi said a shortage of ammunition for air weapon competitors was hampering preparations . . . "I don't think it will be worthwhile sending the shooters to the Olympics. The damage has been done. I will take the issue up in our next general body meeting next month," Sethi said. "It's a pity that the shooters were the best medal hopes and they are treated so shabbily."

I don't know too much about India, but I did watch a little movie called Gandhi and wasn't the message of that film nonviolence? You don't need guns and ammo to prove your worth, man. Remember how the main character – I can't recall his name, the bald dude – trekked over deserts to get the spice or the water to make some kind of point about the unity of the universe? Oh wait, I believe I'm thinking of Dune. God that movie sucked. -KD 

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