10.28.09 8 years ago 3 Comments

So Nike made up these new Penn State shirts and suddenly all of the treehuggers are in an uproar because the front of the shirt kinda sorta resembles a cross. And I’m glad someone called them out on this, because if anyone has been peddling a Neo-conservative agenda for too long in this country, it’s Nike.

Michal Berns, a junior majoring in media law and policy, said she refused to buy the $15 shirt because of its religious connotations. “At first glance, you don’t necessarily think that’s what it looks like, but when you look at it more, it does look like a cross,” Berns told “That’s the reason I didn’t purchase it.”[..]

“Me personally, I’m not going to buy the shirts and I know others at [Penn State Hillel] who won’t, either.” –Fox News.

Lighten up, Mikey. Did you ever think that maybe they’re just paying homage to the Finnish? Plain white t-shirts suck anyway, so I’m glad that they at least decided to put a racing stripe on the front. The same stripe that one might find on Penn State’s helmets, no less. Besides, a prayer is the only shot that Penn State has at this point of reaching the BCS Title Game, which is still better than any hope Boise State has. Do I have to wait for some freak in Idaho to compare their blue turf to walking on water? Jesus… –Deadspin, Best Week Ever.

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