Shannon Briggs Had An AMA On Reddit

09.08.11 6 years ago

I’ve only recently started frequenting Reddit, mostly because it’s a treasure trove of creative humor and sometimes sincere conversations and intriguing debate. Needless to say, I definitely feel my age when trying to understand the lingo and hip Interweb speak, but for the most part the AMA (Ask Me Anything) threads are good for passing time on slow days. Rarely, though, does an athlete allow Redditors (am I saying that right?) to toss questions at him, but yesterday provided a refreshing change when former WBO heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs created his own AMA.

The thread has grown to more than 1,200 questions and comments and I assume that Briggs is still getting to them, but after the jump I’ve collected and organized (but not edited, because I respect the sanctity of poor Internet grammar) the questions that he has answered thus far. I only saw a few posts touching on the subject, but if I could ask one question it would be: What was it like having your nose broken, biceps shredded, left orbital fractured on top of a second facial fracture, and an ear drum blown in an all-out melee against Vitali Klitschko?

Because I imagine it would hurt a little.

Q: What opponent were you most afraid to step in the ring with? (Cool AMA. Cheers.)
A: out of all the hw’s, George Foreman hit the hardest.

Q: What is Don King like in real life?
A: Just like all promoters. Last in the ring, first to get paid.

Q: What is your most memorable fight?
A: With my wife. ;) Making Lennox Lewis run accross the ring and the bell saved him before i could knock him out. Tore tendon in my arm in the first round against Vitali Klistcho and fought him with one arm for 12 rounds.

Q: Who would you pick if Floyd fights Manny? Any reason why?
A: Manny

Q: Would you say that asthma has helped or hindered your training? What helps keep you motivated?
A: The asthma makes me train harder. Helping people keeps me motivated. and the money and the models. :)

Q: what is the biggest misconception about money/boxing in general/and the society around boxing that the average person doesnt get.
A: 90% of the fighters live below the poverty line. there is only a few lucky ones.

Q: I’ve heard that when an MLB slugger hits a homerun he already knows when he hits the ball, as he never feels the contact he just hears the crack. My question is, what does delivering a knockout feel like? Physically and Emotionally? Thanks for the great AMA!
A: boxing is a very tiring sport. towards the end of a match you really want it to end soon as soon as possible but with out losing or giving up. so when you deliver a good hit and you see the opponent start to go down it is a good feeling.

Q: What’s it like to be on the receiving end of a very hard blow to the head? IE, do you ever forget what you’re doing?
A: you can get a pretty good head ache from it. body shots hurt too. you may notice that there are only a few real strong contact hits. no not really.

Q: Your wikipedia page indicates you rapped on the Fugees’ album The Score. What song(s) did are you on? And, uh, is Lauren Hill crazy or what?
A: song 10 [Family Business ( Long time friend, great person.

Q: What do you think of mixed martial arts as a boxer?
A: totally different sport. like golf and basket ball. as a sport i like it.

(That question led to some considerable arguing amongst Redditors.)

Q: The heavyweight belt is always looked at as one of the most prestigous titles in all of sports, how did it finally feel when you won it?
A: really great. and a relief that all my training got me to the top.

Q: I just wanted to let you know that you really need a newly designed and coded website. What do you think about UFC and MMA?
A: my 13 year old son made it. If you make me a better one I will use it.

Q: One of my life goals has been to be part of a boxer’s posse as he walks into the ring. Preferably I would be holding the belt he is defending. How did you chose who would come to the ring with you? Do you choose the song or does the promoter/your manager etc.?
A: It depends. I have picked it, promoter has picked it, or manager.

Q: Could you show me how to punch someone extremely hard?
A: well if you dont have any power in just your arm, you will need to throw some of your body weight behind it.

Q: I try to use the heavy bag for building strength and as cardio for losing some weight too. Do you have any favorite combos or routines with the heavy bag that you think an amateur like me could use?
A: running, abs, and pushups in combination with hitting the bag. Rocky style.

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