06.20.08 9 years ago 15 Comments

Javon Walker was beaten and robbed in Las Vegas early Monday morning.  Soon after, he told his side of the story, during which he claimed to have been attacked in his room at the Bellagio. Now, in a shocking twist predicted by everyone, the Bellagio has confirmed what everyone but The Dirty already knew: Javon Walker's story was probably bullshit.  A rep from the hotel:

The facts that have been reported regarding the incident involving Javon Walker are incorrect. I am unable to provide further detail out of respect for the Metro investigation which is currently underway.

Hmmm… who to believe?  The pro athlete, or the people with 2000 surveillance cameras located inside and outside their hotel and casino?  I may have to think about this one for a picosecond or two.

BONUS RUMOR! "As the rumor/speculation goes, a couple of guys saw Walker spraying Dom Perignon on Saturday night, and then recruited a woman to cozy up to him on Sunday night, and to get him to take her home, or wherever.  Once outside, the robbers intervened, knocked Walker out, and took his watch and money."  Wow, that sounds way more believable than a feud with Floyd Mayweather.  But you have to admit, the Mayweather rumor is way more interesting.  Just between you and me, I heard it was skinhead Scientologists.  Their alien God demands they collect more bling!

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