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Bar Refaeli, porn? I wish.” title=”Bar Refaeli, porn? I wish.” class=”alignright size-full wp-image-41″ />

FanHaus picked up on this post by Lisa Takeuchi Cullen, a staff writer at Time who blogs about working at Time.  Entitled "My company made me look at porn," she complains about the following: how she used to get too many free magazines from Time, Inc.; how it's impossible to get a free copy of Time; and how she got a free copy of the SI Swimsuit Edition, which she did not want.

So when I came in this morning, what do I find under my door but a beautifully laid out publication of porn.

Who decided I wanted to look at 100-some pages of barely dressed girls with abs made of slate and boobs that defy reason? SI boasts that women cherish the swimsuit issue because it offers us fashion ideas for the bathing season. Seriously? I'm going to don this bikini made of dental floss this summer after I've just popped out Baby #2?

Look. I'm no prude…

Okay, Just go ahead and stop there.  So you don't like the swimsuit edition because you have body issues.  I can respect that.  But honey, if you think that's porn, your two children got conceived with some of the lamest sex in the history of the planet.  I really expected more from someone who was raised in Japan.  Now that's a country that knows porn.

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