Some Guy Won The British Open

07.19.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

The Old Course at St. Andrews is a lot like Jack Nicholson’s taint. It’s not that “The Open” has necessarily depreciated over time, but that all of these other, lesser-known tournaments are enjoyed under conditions to with modern enthusiasts have become more accustomed. Yes, I consider each hole having its own fairway and winds slower than 50 miles per hour to be better conditions. No one ever accused me of being a purist.

And so this guy, if I can read the card here, Louis Oosthuizen, wins the damn thing and I don’t know what to make of it all. I hate to say that I don’t care, because I’m really enjoying the Summer Of Sporting Events At All Hours Of The Day, but is the British Open still on par with the other big “majors” of golf?

Let’s do the math*: It’s better than the PGA Championship (because everything is), and possibly even less masochistic than the U.S. Open (if the national championship ever did feature a 100-yard green, it would have to be made out of concrete to meet the USGA’s torturous standards). It isn’t better than the Masters. When we think of the doily-white nature of the game, our minds automatically shift to Augusta National.

Perhaps I’m being too harsh. Watching John Daly’s amazing first round (and subsequent implosion) was fun. Hearing about Tiger’s travails (and everyone’s slow realization that OMG he might actually not win another major) was just as enjoyable. Those stories are amplified by their happening on golf’s most-storied course. One that, mind you, only hosts The Open every six years. The Old Course at St. Andrews won’t host another major until 2016. That seems about right.

*does not involve actual math.

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