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A circa 1940 photograph of Joe DiMaggio’s penis is now available for public consumption. This might be the best baseball news I’ve heard all day:

A full-frontal nude of baseball great Joe DiMaggio, showering after a game, is currently on view in the exhibition Hunted and Gathered at the gallery Modernism in San Francisco.

It is part of a collection of quirky, anonymous photographs assembled by Robert Flynn Johnson, curator emeritus of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. When asked where he got the photo, Johnson joked, “I have friends in low places.”

We’re not linking the image here. Yeah, I know, it’s exactly what you needed to start your weekend. You can check it out over there and evaluate your own manhood accordingly. This reminds me of the batting stance silhouette of Sadaharu Oh that I read about in the Japanese baseball hall of fame once. Only this American counterpart comes off as more dickish. Or less, I guess. Damn, how cold was that water, anyway? via, via.

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