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Women in Pamplona, Spain want to run with the bulls too:

A student website,, set the ball rolling with its campaign "Cows want to run" which asks for a separate encierro, as the bull-runs are known, where only women are allowed to take part.

Um, I'm not an expert in parle-ing Espanol, but you might not want to refer to yourselves as cows, ladies. If you're a little overweight, that's cool – just don't draw attention to yourself by comparing yourself to a heifer. You also want to shed that extra weight as soon as possible.  Dr. D prescribes stomach staples and an exclusive diet of SlimFast until your rib cage is visible.

"Cows, as well as bulls, have four legs and a natural instinct to run," says their manifesto. "An encierro for cows, would put Pamplona at the vanguard of traditional fiestas with equality for men and women."

Oh, you want to run with cows instead of bulls? I'm sorry, my Spanish is mui malo. Aren't the misunderstandings that result from inaccurate translations funny? Ha, ha. In that case, your request to jog with cows is denied because it's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.  And learn English. -KD

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