02.08.08 10 years ago 23 Comments

I watched an episode of The Hills a month or two ago, and all I could think was, "Really?  People watch this?"  It's just people wandering around LA in contrived, scripted situations and being bored.  I've seen infomercials that are more spontaneous.

Anyway, one thing I managed to get from the episode I watched is that LC isn't all that hot (she just wears lots of eye makeup and ties her hair up with a scarf), her friend Audrina is sexy as hell, and her enemy Heidi always looks crazy fug.  So I'm kinda confused as to why Audrina looks like crap here and Heidi's bangin'.  She got a nose job and breast implants, she's not a natural blonde, and those lips don't look 100% real either.  And she looks awesome.  So if there are any young, impressionable girls reading this site — and I hope there are — please take this lesson to heart: do anything to look pretty, because brains aren't important.  -Sincerely, MTV.

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