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This is a scan from Sports Illustrated's baseball preview issue. That's a funny quote from John Amaechi, right? But I feel like I've seen it somewhere before… but where? I just can't quite put my finger — oh yeah, that's right. About two weeks ago I spent a night out on the town with Amaechi.

I quoted him on several different topics, but I tried to make it clear that it wasn't a journalistic endeavor on my part, since I didn't write anything down at the time, then I went out and got mildly drunk that night, then I wrote a whole day's worth of posts before getting to the Amaechi story. So, while I'm confident that I correctly communicated Amaechi's sentiment, I probably didn't get his words 100% correct. (Editor's note: John saw the post and told me he enjoyed it, so I didn't get anything too wrong.) Anyway, here's how I quoted him on the Bible thing:

He was also confounded by people who pick and choose what leftovers from the Old Testament are and aren't sins: "It also forbids eating shellfish. If being gay is as bad as going to Red Lobster, I'm not really worried about it."

Wow, that's suspiciously similar, isn't it? And by "suspiciously similar" I mean "word-for-word." Listen, I'm not going to say SI lifted a quote from a completely journalistically irresponsible blog, but… wait. Yes. Yes, that is what I'm saying. The funny thing is, if they had just added "as quoted by the website," I'd feel all special inside and think SI was totally awesome. Instead, SI is now dead to me.

Well, except for the swimsuit issue. That still rules.

Stealing-stuff UPDATE: Orson Swindle from EDSBS writes, "Check out page 22 of Sports Illustrated–they have a ripoff of the Fulmer Cup competition called… 'Campus Leaders' or something like that." Oh, so I guess I'm not special. It must have been uncredited blog material week for SI. Also, I need to thank Big Daddy Drew for the scan, and Henry Abbott for being the first to point the quote out to me. Look at me! Giving credit to people is easy!

Non-requisite clarification: As ***always***, I'm not serious. SI isn't dead to me. What's there to be upset about? They used a quote — it's not like I own those words. But it's either a nice little step forward for blogs or a sad step back for print media when I'm being trusted as a news source.

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