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Saint Andrew's Net is With Leather's daily link dump, and probably the closest you'll get to spiritual fulfillment all day.

  • Dave's Football Blog thinks the Euro 2008 losers have something to learn from Tony Dungy.  You mean they should hate the gays?
  • Fire Joe Morgan wants to… uhhhh… fire Joe Morgan?  It almost makes too much sense.
  • Fire Everybody finds an amazing 1940s comic book that celebrates steroid use.  That's what passed for entertainment before the women in comics started looking as good as Bria Myles (thanks, RTNY).
  • Your Word of the Day is: Cockaigne — "An imaginary land of ease and luxury."  Ah, so that explains why strippers love it so much!
  • XKCD has a strangely wise and kind webcomic on settling Internet feuds.  Welp, that should do it for today's sincerity quota.
  • The Sporting Blog has depressing Olympics news.  This may come as a shock, but the world's most populous country, a communistic economic giant coming to grips with the free market, doesn't always play by the book.  My innocence!  It's gone!

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