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  • It was a decidedly Redskins weekend in the Hall of Fame inductions in Canton. Naturally, as Mister Irrelevant notes, the Dead Tree Crew was on hand to provide its own strange brew of "FAGGOT" taunts and blog mugging. Hey, at least it got them out of town for the weekend.
  • Home Run Derby has footage of Gary Coleman getting thrown out of a minor league game for having pine tar on his bat. Who knew a joke gubernatorial candidate could fail so fantastically as a joke baseball player? 
  • The Sporting Blog chides Tim Lincecum for knocking players resting in September. If only those resting players were knocking management, we'd be having a nice daisy chain of complaint. And without any women involved! Truly a rare sight.
  • Fanhouse reports the Packers have hired former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer to represent them in the Brett Favre fracas. So we can all expect a best seller in a few years about how Fleischer knew Ted Thompson was lying but had to defend him anyway?
  • Friends of the Program shows a boxer getting caught playing possum by a referee. Now if I can only get Zsuzsana Ripli to learn that technique. 

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