St. Andrew's Net is With Leather's daily link dump. If you're going to be Obama's veep pick, please alert the media so they can shut the fuck up about it.

  • Steady Burn has an updated figure for the number of condoms distributed in Beijing during the Olympics. Or how many I'd need for an hour with Emanuela de Paula. Because I can make lots of good balloon animals with them!
  • Awful Announcing finds JoePa a little unsettling in this Big Ten Network ad. I'm always shocked to find him breathing, frankly.
  • Joe Sports Fan is taken aback by Olympic soccer parents. They say, "Fangs for the free publicity!" Yup, that's a zing.
  • Mike Timlin shows off his archery skills on This Is God Given. Is he auditioning for a more prominent role in the Sox bullpen or a sequel to Napoleon Dynamite?
  • Holy Taco presents the Frankenstein of shitty quarterbacks. I really could have lobbied for the turkey neck of Tommy Maddox, but you work with what you got.

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