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"Saint Andrew's Net" is With Leather's daily link dump, written by the bane of respectable journos and scrupulous primates alike, Michael Tunison. Expect sports and tits.

  • Bugs And Cranks uncovers a video of the late Myron Cope making guttural rap-like sounds to the tune of "Can't Touch This". Double what?
  • Busted Coverage delivers pics of the Lakers Sasha Vujacic getting giddy with a geriatric groupie. Be sure to take her out for a strawberry phosphate, Sasha, but don't get too fresh!
  • Deadspin brings us LeBron James reinforcing stereotypes (that uncharismatic superstars are poor tippers) by leaving a $10 gratuity on a $800 restaurant tab. But he usually bucks such trends, with witnesses that actually testify and all.
  • On 205th previews the big cheerleader convention in Atlanta next month. Unless zippable blindfolds (NSFW ads) are involved, count me out.
  • Joe Sports Fan remixes the beheading of Mr. Redlegs. You delighted in his injury through song! I love it when people do that. 

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