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St. Andrew's Net is With Leather's daily link dump. But how can you dump something through a net? Are links solids? Or only the good ones while the rest sluice through? So many questions.

  • Deuce of Davenport shares video of the Japanese gambling sensation that is bug fighting. I must say, compared to the usual Nippon pastimes of tentacle rape and selling little gir's undergarments, this is pretty pedestrian. So it'll only give you bad dreams for weeks.
  • Mass Hysteria breaks down the failed relationship between Manny Ramirez and the Red Sox. I'm still holding out hope for me and Nicky Whelan. And, by hope, I mean of course the telephoto lens I'm holding up outside her bathroom window.
  • The 700 Level has the first trailer for the animated adventure of the BBC Olympics monkey we mentioned a while back. And like many things stereotypically Eastern, it's mystifying, inscrutable and kind of awesome.
  • Wizznutzz returns from a hiatus with summertime insights (or, rather, incites). 
  • Hugging Harold Reynolds stumbles upon the new slang all the kids have for A.J. Feeley. Which is still slightly less foul than the slurs Eagles fans hurl at Feeley. 

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