02.01.08 10 years ago 20 Comments

This is the "Rated R Trailer" for Semipro, Will Ferrell's new movie. The language is NSFW, so put your fucking headphones on.

I'm convinced that for all of Ferrell's movies, they shoot the trailer first, and then they go back and add filler for the other 88 minutes. And it doesn't help that dude plays the same fucking guy in every movie. Hey, look at me! I've got a crazy haircut! Look at my facial hair! I said 'Look at me!' I'm incapable of rational thought! I'm wearing lots of brown! I've got…what is this? A script? What do we need a script for? I'll just pop about 15 ritalin here and BAM! Movie Magic! I'm sure despite his bad financial advice and always being late with the rent, and making 90-minute SNL skits and calling them feature films, that he's a really good guy. 

The least he could do is fuck somebody famous. Not that I'm bitter or anything. – Monday Morning Punter

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