11.23.09 8 years ago

In BCS news: nothing. The top six teams in the BCS standings all won yesterday (No. 7 Georgia Tech was off…lazy bastards), most of them by big blowouts against really crappy teams. The exception was Cincinnati’s win against West Virginia, who were ranked No. 25 before heading into southwest Ohio. Whatever. So it looks like after the SEC championship game, which will pit Florida against Alabama, we’ll be left with five undefeated teams. Terrific.

The problem (as if there were only one) is that the teams in the BCS conferences have caught on–if a program like Texas or anyone out of the SEC can run the table, they’ll play for the national championship. Those teams have zero incentive to play quality teams, or even give the so-called mid-majors a game. Teams like Boise State, who have struggled to bolster their strength of schedule, are being left out in the cold. TCU, the Broncos, and Cincinnati (who’s poised to play the role of “2003 Auburn”) are all screwed.

There’s one option that sounds ludicrous, but would be potentially viable in this BCS bedlam–the mid-majors should have their own post-season tournament. Seed the winners of the Mountain West, WAC, Conference USA and anyone else not affiliated with the BCS. Take those top four teams, or top six teams, whatever. Play until there’s a winner. But do something. Until the mid-majors decide to stop being ignored by the BCS, they don’t stand a chance of winning anything.

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