Steelers Fan Channels Her Inner GaGa

Lost in all the hoopla surrounding Super Bowl XLV and its terrifying shortage of exotic dancers are the inspirational stories that sports provide us with. For instance, Molly is a young Pittsburgh Steelers fan and she has been stricken with a terrible taste in music. Haha, just kidding, hot single mothers. I never like to make fun of children unless they’re Romanian orphans, so Molly is pretty cool in my book.

With her loaded six-string on her back, Molly has turned Lady GaGa’s “Bad Romance” into a new Steelers anthem. Meanwhile, a child in Green Bay is learning how to play a BoDeans song by blowing into a jug.

Video of Molly’s masterful performance after the jump…

Of course if Lady GaGa were actually a Steelers fan, we’d have to change the Terrible Towel to a Terrible Paper Bag.

*bowtie spins, crashes through Georgia bathroom wall*

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