Steelers Fan Channels Her Inner GaGa

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02.01.11 5 Comments

Lost in all the hoopla surrounding Super Bowl XLV and its terrifying shortage of exotic dancers are the inspirational stories that sports provide us with. For instance, Molly is a young Pittsburgh Steelers fan and she has been stricken with a terrible taste in music. Haha, just kidding, hot single mothers. I never like to make fun of children unless they’re Romanian orphans, so Molly is pretty cool in my book.

With her loaded six-string on her back, Molly has turned Lady GaGa’s “Bad Romance” into a new Steelers anthem. Meanwhile, a child in Green Bay is learning how to play a BoDeans song by blowing into a jug.

Video of Molly’s masterful performance after the jump…

Of course if Lady GaGa were actually a Steelers fan, we’d have to change the Terrible Towel to a Terrible Paper Bag.

*bowtie spins, crashes through Georgia bathroom wall*

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