Steelers-Packers To Face Off In Super Bowl XLV

01.24.11 7 years ago 8 Comments

This is either my best or worst photo edit ever. Or possibly both.

With Green Bay toppling Chicago and Pittsburgh finishing off the boorish Jets (not saying that in a bad way, just sayin’), we have ourselves a sort of old-school Super Bowl; the Steelers and Packers have played in a combined ten Super Bowls, winning all but one two. Thanks a lot, Neil O’Donnell.

The Steelers have won their last three games against the Packers. … While the Steelers have 25 players on their current roster with previous Super Bowl playing experience, the Packers have only two players with previous Super Bowl experience (Ryan Pickett with the Rams in 2001, Charles Woodson with the Raiders in 2002). …

The nine combined Super Bowl titles between the Steelers and Packers mark the most ever for two teams heading into a Super Bowl matchup.

– SB preview.

Both teams won in similar fashion, jumping out to early leads while staving off late charges from their respective opponents, and more importantly, both teams covered. We’ll have more on how Bears coach Lovie Smith should get fired for mis-managing his team’s near-comeback, and maybe something on how Jets coach Rex Ryan still loves feet. But for now, let’s all adjust to the fact that we have one meaningful game of football left before we have to start watching…basketball. Perish the thought.

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