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Following the Beijing Olympics Australian swimming star/heartbreaker/sex kitten Stephanie Rice went on vacation in Thailand, where somebody took photos of doing things no other 20-year-old would ever do: dancing at a club, falling down, and looking drunk.  **Gasp!** She… she might be human!

Rice, who is now splitting her time between training in the pool and filming a TV show, is less than pleased about the photos getting out:

“I remember that night and I know who it was. This guy had asked for a photo with me and I said ‘Sure, no problem’ but then he kept taking photos of me having a good time with my friends, I just thought it was really out of line. I just find it really strange that people care.”

The Queensland pool queen says it’s disappointing that she’s been scrutinised for having “one night off in a year” to party with her friends like a “normal” person of her age.

Hey Steph, trust me: this is a good thing.  People care because you’re hot.  And you don’t want to be “normal.”  Normal’s just a euphemism that distinguished and beautiful people like me and George Clooney and me use for “unattractive.”

[Rice galleries here, here, and here via Slanch]

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