10.30.07 9 years ago • 71 Comments

Um, this one is kinda tough for me to wrap my head around, so I'm just gonna quote from this FanHaus post titled Stephon Marbury's Life as a Telenovela

Chris Webber is engaged to a South African celebrity named Cleopatra Mariri. Cleopatra has a friend, Chichi Letswalo, who used to be a soap opera star in native South Africa. Her show got canceled, though, which led to her mansion being repossessed. Chichi came to America reportedly looking for "a rich man and a job." C-Webb, being a nice fellow, got his lady's best friend hooked up with a job in New York City… as Stephon Marbury's nanny. She is paid $140 a week (plus room and board).

Wow.  The porn industry could take all the childhood pets, street names, and middle names in all of America and never come up with a name as awesome as Chichi Letswalo.  Seriously: a South African nanny named Chichi Letswalo.  And she works for an employee of the sexual harassing-est company in all of New York.  You'd have to put Rohypnol in the Daytona water supply during spring break to set up a story with more groping.

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