Taiwan Doesn’t Mince Words: The Cowboys Won’t Win Until Jerry Jones Dies

We’re big fans of Taiwanese Animation here at With Leather, but far too often the things that make Next Media Animation’s efforts truly great — absurd imagery and hilarious bluntness — are eschewed for political cartoon style moments where someone who just got suspended gets beat over the head with a giant rectangle with SUSPENSION written on it.

That’s not the case with today’s cartoon, which goes completely over-the-top with its images (Michael Vick riding an eagle that gets shot to death with rifles, Eli Manning getting run over by a school bus with the New Orleans Saints logo on the side, children being murdered by fire breath) and even higher over with its most blunt message ever. And I quote:

The ‘Boys have a recent history of choking. And Jerry Jones is their owner, GM and head coach. They won’t win anythin [sp] until he dies.

… then Tony Romo and black Tony Romo (?) high-five each other as his death is replayed on TV.

Taiwan, you are my hero.

[h/t Fark]

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