Terrell Owens Gets First Rushing Of 2011

Pro Wrestling Editor

According to a series of escalating reports from TMZ, ex-NFL star Terrell Owens was rushed to a hospital late Thursday night after someone called 911 to report a medical emergency. He was released, but neither he nor his agent responded to TMZ’s calls … however, about 15 minutes ago TMZ posted a follow-up claiming that the “medical emergency” law enforcement agents responded to was “a possible prescription pill overdose”. And that’s where the story gets sad, and a little tricky.

As TMZ states:

T.O. was famously hospitalized back in 2006 — when he insisted he had a bad reaction to painkillers … despite reports that he tried to commit suicide by inhaling 35 Vicodin pills.

T.O. later held a news conference on the matter and stated, “The rumor of me taking 35 pills, I think is absurd. I don’t think I would be here if I had taken 35 pills.”

There’s a very good chance that TMZ is full of sh*t and that the “law enforcement agents” quoted in the story are fictional, but if the story ends up being as true as they want us to believe, two trips to the hospital for pain pill suicide attempts in five years is a big, waving red flag of concern for a player who hasn’t seemed to come to grips with his fading football importance. T.O. is a difficult guy to like, at least when it comes to the kind of like or dislike you give someone you watch play sports and ham it up on completely unnecessary celebreality shows, but all joking aside, I hope he can figure out what’s going on in his head and fix it.

If he went to the hospital for food poisoning or something and TMZ made it CAPITAL LETTERS DRAMATIC, I don’t know what to say, and would hope they’d get their heads fixed against a big rock.

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