Terrence Kiel Sucks at Drug Dealing

09.27.06 11 years ago

A day after being arrested on drug charges, Chargers safety Terrence Kiel has admitted to DEA officials that he mailed prescription cough syrup back to his hometown of Houston. Really? The Feds are cracking down on codeine abuse these days? Apparently:

While Kiel did not tell the DEA his motive, the agency in Texas has found widespread abuse of codeine-based cough syrup mixed with soft drinks or drugs and referred to as "lean"… A pint bottle of "lean" can cost between $200 and $325 on the street.

Hold on a second here. People are paying 200 bucks for a bottle NyQuil and7 Up? Whoever's running that operation has the biggest group of idiot drug users on the planet. You can get a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 for three bucks then add some seltzer water, and it's the same damn thing. What the hell is wrong with the drug trade in Houston? I live in a neighborhood full of rich yuppies with golden retrievers and four-year-olds who read Hemingway, and even I think that's lame.

Kiel, who was shot three times during an attempted carjacking before his rookie season, also admitted to authorities that he's having financial difficulties, even though he's under contract for $500,000 a year. Some people may think that's perfectly enough to live on, but that's just because they have NO IDEA how much the government takes away in taxes. In fact, Terrence Kiel is a modern-day Robin Hood. He takes cough syrup from himself and sells it to the poor. A lot of "lean" junkies call him a hero, but really he's just doing his job.

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