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NBA – The referees avoided the dark temptation of bailing out the Spurs and contact-averse Brent Barry for ducking away from an obvious foul by Derek Fisher prior to a last-second chuck for naught to close the Spurs 93-91 loss to the Lakers, the first playoff loss in San Antonio in longer than I care to remember. This was a loss that could have easily and probably should have gone the other way. When referees say they don't want to influence the outcome of the game, it's another way of saying they're too chickenshit to even call clear infractions during closely contested important games. That said, SPURS LOSE SPURS LOSE SPURS LOSE SPURS LOSE COKE AND HOOKERS PAR-TAAYYYYY! Los Angeles had no business allowing San Antonio to get that close, holding a seven-point lead and heading to the line . No matter. This 3-1 series is heading back to the Staples Center, hopefully with the same officials.

MLB – Reds farm system wet dream Jay Bruce (Gotta get his Bowman rookie card! I just gotta!) went 3-for-3 in his debut to go with a three-run homer by Adam Dunn propelled Cincinnati over Picksburg 9-6…Aubrey Huff, hater of all things Baltimore, pushes the Orioles past the Yankees in the bottom of the 12th for a 10-9 win…Oh noes! The Red Sox lost their game to the Mariners 4-3 and lost Dice-K to a lower back injury. Would that there were a couple million overzealous RSN-tards to keep us briefed on his condition…Josh Hamilton goes from Rays top prospect to beating the Rays with five RBIs. Well, by way of drug addiction, that is. Such moral uplift. Such…inevitable backslide. I was born with a high cynicism count. 

FRENCH OPEN – Guess there was some rain yesterday in Paris. Bummer. Just when I felt like caring. 

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