That Phillies ‘Sex For Tickets’ Fan Started A Blog

06.22.10 7 years ago 8 Comments

Just what the world needs: another Phillies blog.

Susan Finkelstein, 44, who was accused of soliciting her body (or what’s left of it…HOOO-AHHH!) for World Series tickets, has started a blog, uncreatively titled, “Rounding 3rd with Susan Finkelstein.” I personally prefer to fingerbang through third base, but that’s just me. What’s the story, whoring glory?

All pretensions aside, though, I do believe I have something more to say. I want to contribute freely to the ongoing conversation in the electronic town square; I want to shout in the voice I was forced to check during my persecution — uh, prosecution; I want to declare my love for sex and baseball and the patchwork remains of everything else in the way that artists have always needed to. –via The 700 Level.

Whatever. Susan might be a prostitute, an idiot and a communist, but I’m curious to see where this blog goes. Either way, it’s gonna be better than anything Dan Levy writes. That’s a joke, Dan. The last thing I need from you today is a five-page email about the prominence of bloggers in Philly and South Jersey. You know I love you, and I have the photos from the Hard Rock Hotel to prove it.

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