That’s A Lot Of White, Kobe Bryant

05.03.10 7 years ago 14 Comments

Here’s Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant with a…wait, what the hell is this? This looks like an Isaac Mizrahi production of “Little Bo Peep.” Seriously, I’m lost. Go read the article, but be warned, all I got out of it was Kobe’s diatribe on dog poop.

So, what else can you tell us about yourself?

I love dogs, I hate bees, I love snakes. And I hate dog s–t. I absolutely hate dog s–t.

So what do you do when dogs poop in front of the house?

Clean it up. [Laughs.]

That helps keeps you grounded, I’m sure, but most would think you’d have someone whose job is to pick up your dog poop.

I do, but they have to have off days. And the dog doesn’t say, “Oh, it’s my walker’s day off, so I’m not gonna s–t today! When they gotta go, they gotta go. And somebody’s gotta pick it up. –LA Times Mag, via BDL.

There are more pics at that link as well. And then come back and explain it to me. I know nothing about fashion. Is this too literal? Is this art deco? I don’t know anything about Art Deco. I used to live next to an Art Decker, but he was a grumpy sumbitch. Probably because we peed on his lawn a lot.

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