The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 6/19/14: Right In The Dreamers

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Sup gurl. Glad you and your impossible to screencap face are back.

Via Impact Wrestling

Sup gurl. Glad you and your impossible to screencap face are back.

Hi hi hi! Did you enjoy Slammiversary? Are you excited for what happens next? It definitely happened and there’s no turning back! Let’s do this! …after the following:

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This week on Impact: Yelling, some more yelling, the same guy yells, and then, swerve, MORE YELLING.

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Worst: Oh boy, they really did SLAM that VERSARY! But now what?

So. Guys. I’ve been thinking. Yes, yes, a dangerous pastime, I know. I’m sitting here, half an hour into this show, and there’s…really nothing worth talking about. There’s nothing overwhelmingly bad, but there certainly isn’t anything good happening either. We’re three quarters into the show and most of it has just been yelling. Kenny King had a lackluster match against Eric Young, because of course he did, and Bobby Lashley will wrestle Eric Young later in the show, because no one making the decisions for Impact knows the meaning of diminishing returns.

It seems like Slammiversary, the biggest pay-per-view of the year that isn’t any of their other biggest pay-per-views of the year, should leave us with plenty of show material. But alas, outside of a handful of Worsts that show that nobody cares about producing a television show but do care the most about hitting nostalgic sensors for a show whose time has long since passed (and no, I really don’t mean TNA in this case), nothing entertaining is happening. MVP is all butthurt that the Board of Directors has given him a slap on the wrist for his behaviour instead of immediately terminating his contract due to egregious human resource violations and abuses of power, so he’s gonna yell a bunch. Eric Young remains the champion, which means he has to come out and yell about how THESE FANS RIGHT HERE want to see him take a dump in MVP’s mouth or whatever. Kenny King goes off on his own to the point that Tawny Kitaen is blowing up his phone, makes a match his butt can’t cash, and further cracks appear in the foundation of…whatever the least-racist stable name the internet has decided to call them.

MVP decides that since he’s been accused of abusing his power, he’s just going to abuse the heck out of it, because why not? He has seen literally zero consequences to his actions, is still doing and saying the exact same things, can hire and fire at will, and nothing has changed except the volume of his voice and the amount of spittle flying around the ring. Earl Hebner is fired for the seventy billionth time [citation needed], but it’s okay because he loves these fans right here, and it’s fine because people like MVP make him hate the business he loves. You know, people who would help Jeff Jarrett cheat, would screw Bret Hart and AJ Styles for money, would fix matches because of a romantic relationship with Madison Rayne… But hey, if you’re gonna go ahead and retcon a bunch of things, you might as well retcon all of the things, right?

Should you not feel like sitting through, well, any of it really, let here’s a handy video that summarizes everything quite nicely:

Best: Sup Lehigh Valley

I love you. I love you so hard. Lehigh Valley is like my Narnia. You go through a tunnel, and on the other side are fantastical people, anthropomorphic ants, a dude with a baseball face old enough to regret not voting for Abraham Lincoln, a weird little broken glass man (who is currently inspiring my blood feud with a pirate), a Smiths-loving punk rock vegan insect overlord with Christmas tattoos and body glitter, his pumpkin-based friends, goblins and demons and swamp monsters and Dan Yost. Also, Vegan Treats and LVAC. You’re a magical place, Lehigh Valley, and seeing you in September is not soon enough.

You also kinda deserve better than this show.


Best: EC3 got a haircut

***1/2 Helgas out of 5

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