The Best And Worst Of WWE Vengeance 2011

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It’s like somebody photoshopped out Brock Lesnar. Pre-report notes:

– We’ve got a fresh new commenting system, so if you read and/or flip through the report to read the boldface, make sure to leave us a comment to let us know what you liked or didn’t like about Vengeance, and which shoehorned-in Dragonball Z references in the report you thought were the least unfunny.

– Speaking of comments, With Leather offered a $250 Amazon gift card to the person who could accurately predict Vengeance. Thanks in part to that image up top, nobody could. We still want to give away money, though, so I’m opening it up to you, the participants. Do we award the prize to a random commenter, organize a Raw contest or push the giveaway to Survivor Series and see if anybody takes it home?

– Full disclosure: I didn’t watch this show live. I spent my Sunday night at Mohawk on Red River in downtown Austin watching Anarchy Championship Wrestling’s Beyond Good & Evil, a show that included Rachel Summerlyn dressed as Buffy The Vampire Slayer, ACH and Matt Palmer almost chickenfighting on the ledge of a building, Davey Vega taking one of the sickest German suplexes I’ve ever seen to the bottom turnbuckle and Robert Evans (who looks a heck of a lot like CHIKARA’s Archibald Peck) sitting quietly in the crowd in a Halloween costume for five hours to do a run-in at the end. I’m watching Vengeance this morning and writing about it as I go, so if the Cena/Alberto Del Rio match write-up turns into “heh, so here’s ten paragraphs about” I apologize.

– This is the third pay-per-view in six weeks. Just wanted to remind you.

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Worst: Webster’s Dictionary Defines “Vengeance” As

You can tell that three pay-per-views in six weeks has taken a toll on the production team’s creativity when they break out “according to the dictionary, Vengeance means being mad and getting back at somebody” as their big opening statement. They even went with the white words white words red words design choice, which works great for wrestling shows or Katherine Heigl movies. The next pay-per-view cover should be John Cena looking to the right at the top, Alberto Del Rio looking to the left at the bottom and wwesurvivorseries floating in the middle.

I was pretty disappointed to see Mark Henry’s PPV ad speech given to (mostly) Triple H, especially when we got to the CM Punk part and had to hear him say “my brothers” over footage of R-Truth. Also disappointed that if they went with a dictionary definition in the open, they didn’t end the show with an “in conclusion, Vengeance can be compared and contrasted” video package.

Best: Team USA

I was going to give the pay-per-view another Worst for using the most Connecticut Yankee-sounding song from the Real Steel soundtrack as its theme, then going immediately into Jack Swagger’s Connecticut Yankee-ass entrance music, but Dolph Ziggler debuted his American flag-print singlet and I forgot about everything else. I don’t know if he’s wearing it because he’s United States Champion (much like the doomed and sadly-forgotten Sheamus, Champion Of USA reign) or as a show of solidarity when he teams with the All-American American American American, but I love it and hope he keeps wearing it. Kurt Angle pioneered the idea that a 21st century wrestler wearing USA underwear would inherently be the bad guy, and I’m happy we’re far enough away from 9/11 patriotism that we can get back to booing these guys for their bad taste in cheap heat. This is America, jerks, we only like what we’ve already decided to like! Don’t tread on me!

I’m still pretty upset at Swagger’s gear for being red, blue and black instead of white, but Swagger is the most Jannetty Jannetty that ever Jannettied right now, so who cares? I also think Vickie should’ve worn a USA-print dress to support them, especially in Mexico.

Best: Tag Team Wrestling Is Awesome

It is. The report called the match “the best damn PPV opening match I’ve seen from the WWE in many months and this was probably the best two-on-two tag match I’ve seen all year long” and yeah, it was good, but I’m not going to go that far. At no point did I accidentally mistake Kofi Kingston for Jushin Thunder Liger, but the match was good, and basically what we were picturing when that “Triple H wants WWE to focus more on tag team wrestling” news bit broke. Four guys got to go full tilt for 14 minutes in a hotly-contested back-and-forth tag team title match that didn’t need anything stupid to go down and made everybody look better. This is why we’re always harping on you to give us tag teams, WWE, thanks to 30 years of formula from Kangaroos to Steiners it’s the easiest way to get the crowd hot and make four wrestlers look like kings even if 2-3 of them have no idea what they’re doing. I’m not convinced Robert Gibson can see straight or read and his best move was kicking his own tag team partner in the back, but in my head he’s a legend because formula.

This match, God willing, will be the end of the “everyone try to recognize Air Boom” portion of the conditioning and we can move on to the weekly title defenses against guys like the Uso Twins and McGillityre and build to an Austin Aries As ROH Champion thing where the top heel teams can try to pick their bones because they’re too into “entertaining the fans” or proving their worth or whatever to take a night off. Ziggler can continue being the best pro wrestler in the company and Swagger can turn face like the Internet is begging, because yeah, we’re supposed to hate Biff Tannen, but we’re also supposed to like seeing him.

I’ve seen it a few times already, but Jack Swagger’s ability to naturally counter Kingston’s Trouble In Paradise is a thing of beauty. He just armpits that sh*t because he’s Too Tall Swagger and locks on the anklelock. Love it. The only thing better is Dolph deciding making the S.O.S look good was more important than having a functioning neck bone.

Best: Booker T Right Here

Evan Bourne tried a shooting star press early in the match and ate knees, then goes for it again to finish off Ziggler and win the match. Booker T, having been right there to see the first one, starts flipping the hell out about the second. WAIT A MINNET, CHECK THIS OUT RIGHT HERE, IS HE GONE DO IT… CAN EVAN BOURNE PULL IT OFF OH MY GOOTNESS

Booker reacts to everything like a television studio audience, laughing at Urkel f**king up Carl’s garage or whatever, then laughing their asses off at him saying “Did I do that?” even though he’s said it a thousand times and the entire garage f**k up was treading water to get to that line. And just like how I’ve watched every episode of ‘Family Matters’ despite enjoying maybe two of them ever, Booker’s enthusiasm is infectious, and by the end of the match I’m right there with him. It works. I don’t know how or why. OH MY GOOTNESS.

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Best: Dolph Ziggler Belongs Here 20 Years Ago

I mentioned it a little before, but there’s nobody in WWE right now better suited for pay-per-view double duty than Dolph Ziggler. I’m in the minority of people who look back fondly on the pre-Degeneration X feud Spirit Squad, but the guy has been unarguably on-point in the ring since that unexpectedly awesome match against Batista on, even though that Sheamus-style lull wrestlers get for some reason when they’re too good or too popular too quick and have to be sh*tty and fail for a year and a half. He’s only gotten better. He deserves a better class of wrestler, to the point that I almost want to see him get MVP’d and demoted to Japan where he could trade ridiculous Shining Wizards with Tanahashi in 35 minute New Japan main events. The “almost” is there for a reason. I only watch Raw because I want it to be good, and Ziggler is important to making that a thing.

I honestly believe you could’ve put Ziggler in every match on this show, all in a row, and he would’ve given you as good a performance as anyone who went into their match fresh. Just give him a minute to get his crazy sweaty insta-fro in order. My only problem with Dolph: talk more (and more naturally, because you’re great at it) and if you’re gonna wear a singlet, pull up the straps. And don’t ever cut your hair again.

Worst: Take Care, Explain To Me What You Did To Your Hair

Speaking of bad hair choices, holy sh*t what was going on with Zack Ryder’s hair? I’ve watched enough episodes of Z! True Long Island story to know his hair isn’t thick enough to support spikes without making him look a little bald (I’m in that boat with you, buddy, I was born with hair like Ralph Wiggum), but after multiple “haircut” related shirts I expected them to stick with the look. I did not expect Ziggler to come out looking like a Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth create-a-wrestler who was supposed to have blonde hair but the one hairstyle that worked made the colors come out weird. He doesn’t even look like the same guy.

I like Ryder, but I really didn’t enjoy him last night. This morning, whatever. I think he’s starting to reach the uncanny valley of my ability to enjoy him. As a wrestling fan on the Internet I naturally gravitate toward what’s underground, so like when Punk first shows up in ECW I can cheer him because he’s my guy, but when he starts palling around backstage with Triple H and gets happy to wear daddy’s jacket I stop. It’s an involuntary thing. Ryder’s doing that now. I didn’t like him (and couldn’t recognize him) as an Edge Head, but when he first started fist pumping and woo woo wooing and having great matches on Superstars with nobody watching, I got on board. I was the guy typing “why isn’t Zack Ryder on television” every week in these reports. Now Zack Ryder shows up in a United States title match on pay-per-view with a new haircut and new tights with ARE YOU SERIOUS BRO on the butt and… I don’t know, it feels like they took the cool thing I liked and usurped it. Took the fun idea of a guy and made it into THEIR fun idea, and I don’t like their fun ideas, I like the GUY’s. Does that make any sense? I love wrestlers and don’t trust wrestling promotions. Maybe that’s what I’m trying to say.

ARE YOU SERIOUS BRO trunks just make me think, “are you serious, bro?” Or possibly #areyouseriassbro

Worst: Triple H Interrupts A DiBiase Posse Party

I’m giving this a worst, but I think my favorite moment on the show was the completely ridiculous set-up to the Triple H/CM Punk backstage Main Eventer Banter with Ted DiBiase just kinda standing there making small talk with CM Punk about, as far as I could tell, f**king nothing. I transcribed it for you.

Ted: “So, uhhhh, you like tattoos?”
Punk: “Yeah.”
Ted: /softly touches Punk’s arm
Punk: “I got this tattoo.” /points to entire arm
Ted: “that new”
Punk: “no”
Ted: “oh”

[eight minutes of dead silence]
[Triple H appears]

Ted: “talk t’ya later” /pats butt
Punk: “Ok thanks!”

looooool what the f**k is that? The only explanation I could come up with is that they set up the cameras to film Punk, then realized he already had his boots tied and his wrist tape on, and they were like 10 seconds from going live and needed somebody for Punk to interact with for a second and DiBiase was the only other person in the room. So the director’s all TED TED GET IN THE SHOT and he’s all WHAT DO I DO and the director’s all MAKE SMALL TALK, but he’s Ted DiBiase and clearly has no idea what constitutes small talk and he can’t talk to Chicago metro native Minor Threat loving video game playing GI Joe tattoo having CM Punk about the sh*t he likes (hunting, football, Posses) but the director’s already going FIVE, FOUR, THREE (silent two, silent one) so he just touches Punk’s arm and mutters “you have tattoos”. He could’ve said “we are both wrestlers” and it would’ve made more sense. Is that the angle, is Ted DiBiase considering a tattoo?

And then Triple H shows up, and Ted can’t be like “hey Triple H, what’s up” because he’s a second generation guy who is like 6’5 and 280 and f**king PERFECT for Triple H but H conversation is for closers, so he just kinda swats his arm at Punk and exits stage left. It’s bizarre and wonderful, and an example of how I only tend to love exceptionally well done or exceptionally badly done things. DiBiase should’ve ad libbed “I’m just gonna be over here eating yer lunch” or “see you never” on his way out.

Best: J.R.’s New Job On The Fabulous Riverwalk

WWE being an hour from my apartment is great, because I’ve been to all the San Antonio landmarks they show and mention. I rode the Riverwalk boat ride thing at Christmas and it was great. You’re on a boat and you’re looking at things, you know? You can’t really mess that up. I also shoot laughed at Michael Cole saying the boat captain was Jim Ross, because the idea of good, old J.R. having to take menial task jobs in whatever city WWE performs in case the GM changes and wants to bring him back on the fly is hilarious.

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Worst: So Is Beth Phoenix Still Worried About Getting Raped Or Whatever

Remember when Beth Phoenix pulled a Malibu Stacy on Raw and told Triple H the Divas were just dumb ol’ girls who were worried something would happen to them, and you thought her point was that R-Truth and Miz were going to beat her (or Maxine, or whoever) up, but it kinda sorta sounded like she was talking about rape? You remember, she said “something might happen” and Triple H rightfully said “like what, nothing ever happens to you” and she said “NO, SOMETHING MIGHT HAPPEN” and wink wink nudge nudge him about it? It was weird.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that about a month removed from that we have Kelly Kelly being asked questions by an extremely tall person (at least that’s how it looked, because they tried to cram the camera up her nose) only for Beth Phoenix to show up and choke her to death against a wall. The obvious story here, relating to both Beth Phoenix’s statements at the walk-out and the whole R-Truth and Miz gang attack thing, is that the WWE Superstars didn’t actually feel unsafe in their working environment, they were just doing it to f**k Triple H out of his COO job. The pessimistic point of view is “okay, so this is all about Triple H and none of it makes sense”, with the optimist leaning towards “they probably should have a character clearly state this at some point so I don’t have to assume everything”. The optimist feels this way based on 30 years of having wrestling’s only moment of unspoken inference being the Big Bossman raising the briefcase, and we know how many of you figured that out on your own.

This segment was the Raven/Richards vs. The Pittbulls of backstage Divas segments. If they’d had Kelly back there, had Beth choke her and Eve make the save, it’d have been fine. Instead we got a Kelly Kelly interview about nothing, Beth choking her with multiple people standing around all yelling different things, Eve managing to dispatch ALL of them, and an extended catfight where everyone appears to be wearing the same outfit. Would it kill them to show us a girl in sweatpants? Or workout clothes? Hope Solo doesn’t show up for games in high heels, for Christ’s sake.

Best/Worst: She’s A Great Gal (Theme From Eve Torres)

I’m not the type of guy to keep 18 clearly-labeled versions of the Undertaker’s entrance theme on my iPod and yeah, Eve’s been entering to HOLLA HOLLA (Kelly Kelly’s requiem) for so long I forgot she even had an entrance theme, but Eve’s Vengeance remix made me laugh out loud. I’m glad they haven’t compromised the genius of the lyrics (“she looks good to me”) and just made it sound less like a Jim Johnston “here comes a hot girl 2002” anthem and more like a Patrick Stump “Soul Punk” B-side. Watch, on Monday night they’re gonna be all DOWNLOAD THE NEW FALLOUT BOY SONG “EVE TORRES” FROM ITUNES, TRENDING NOW and that joke is going to be even less effective.

Weird thing I noticed: Female pro wrestlers generally have a song sung by a woman or a song about how they’re a woman as their entrance theme. Do men approach their songs the same way? Does Triple H like Motorhead because they have a boy singer? The only male wrestler I can think of with a woman singing his entrance theme (not counting people with narcissist gimmicks) is Christian’s Waterproof Blonde version of “Just Close Your Eyes”, and they got rid of that version the second he came back. Maybe this is why I like Beth Phoenix’s entrance theme so much. That, and the fact that it sounds like an M83 single.

Best: Eve Torres Is Suddenly Rey Mysterio

Last night featured two occurrences of Eve:

1. I congratulated Rachel Summerlyn on being #34 on the PWI Female 50 and mentioned how that only makes her 23 wrestlers worse than Eve Torres.
2. When I got home I checked a few forums to see how people were liking the show and saw a lot of “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I thought the Eve match was kinda okay!” followed by arguments about how we’ve just had our expectations lowered so much that two women not botching the hell out of everything felt like a “great match” and how that was flawed logic.

It is flawed logic, but I’m going to give credit where credit is due; the women in WWE clearly don’t have a lot of control over what happens and are at the instant whim of a company full of misogynistic creeps who promote or demote based on amount of Hawaiian Tropic photoshoots completed, so they don’t have the luxury that, say, Rachel has where she can go out and choke the sh*t out of Showtime Scot Summers until he bleeds to death because it’s fun and awesome. It’s a different job and the ability to battle through a globe of these lowered expectations and still perform to the best of your ability has to be nigh insurmountable.

So yeah, Eve did a great job last night, I thought. It wasn’t KANA vs. Sara Del Rey. Hell, it wasn’t Portia Perez vs. Lillie Mae, but it was good — legitimately pretty good — and worth a little accolade without qualifiers. Eve’s Rey Mysterio counter to the Glam Slam into a roll-up was the most believable near fall on the show (right alongside Big Show’s Super Chokeslam) and even her slow-mo Christo was fun.

Worst: The Big Show, As Written By Zap Brannigan

Speaking of show, I don’t blame him for it, but how bad was his backstage interview?

“Mark Henry thought I was going to be a bust in his Hall Of Pain! But Mark Henry’s Hall Of Pain will CRUMBLE … like a house of cards! Vengeance … will be mine!

All he needed to do was add “checkmate” on the end and it would’ve been perfect. Serious question, Mark Henry beat you up and everything, but since you showed up in WWE you had the Bossman raid your father’s funeral and drag away his corpse, you’ve been attacked with tear gas, you got sprayed with a septic tank full of literal sh*t by Eddie Guerrero, Alberto Del Rio had you run over with a car, hell, the Undertaker drove you into the middle of the desert and left you to die. Why are you so concerned with devaluing Mark Henry as a man?

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