The Best Of The Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Victory Parade

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06.20.11 5 Comments

It seems like we just can’t go a single day without hearing more bad news about the aftermath of the Stanley Cup Finals. Less than a week after the Boston Bruins defeated the Vancouver Canucks to win their first NHL Championship in 39 years, society is still crumbling around us. First, wannabe anarchists and spoiled brats destroyed the beautiful city of Vancouver under the veil of professional sports, furthering my case for mandatory sterilization of hippies and punks. If that wasn’t bad enough, even more Vancouverites took to the streets again over the weekend to vandalize trash cans by putting trash in them and they painted so much graffiti on the walls that they just look like solid colors now. It’s pretty brutal.
Then Boston decided all of that wasn’t enough. On Saturday, thousands of Bostonians gathered in the streets, as they shouted in unison to show their protest of something. I’m not sure what exactly they were rioting against, but it was so bad that they even had to bring in giant duck boats to transport people through the crowds to protect them. And a white guy was rapping. It was one of the most terrifying things I have ever seen.

(Images via CBS Boston, International Business Times, and other such wonderful places.)

Chet Haze was sad that he missed this great performance but there was a sale at Brooks Brothers.

There’s not much to this video other than to play it while you view the gallery and pretend like you were actually there.
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This was actually the evening after the parade, but it’s worth pointing out that the Bruins players purchased and drank a $100,000 bottle of Ace of Spades “Midas” champagne, which weighs in at 30-liters. That’s twice the size of the $90,000 bottle that Mark Cuban purchased at Club Liv in Miami when the Dallas Mavericks were celebrating their NBA Championship. I guess that means that the Mavs have to win another championship next year so Cuban can fill a lake with champagne and purchase a submarine night club with 100,000 drinking straws attached to it or this whole thing has just been a waste of time.
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