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Colts punter Hunter Smith signed with a recording label yesterday, and With Leather eagerly awaits the new record's release. We've even gone ahead and prepared the album artwork for him. I had no idea VH1's The (white) Rapper Show had already picked a winner.

[Smith's] group, Connersvine, recently signed to INO Records. Connersvine is the acoustic duo made up of Hunter Smith and Chris Wilson, who both lead worship at the Every Nation Church in Indianapolis…

"It is completely humbling that God has allowed me to not only be a part of an amazing football team, but also is giving me the chance to pursue His calling in music." shares Hunter Smith. "I feel just as strong of a call to worship leading and ministering through music as I do in football."

Aw crap. I had no idea he was one of those Jesus people. So he's a punter with a record deal to make Christian music? I'm gonna have to break out the rarely used double-sarcasti-quotes for him: Hunter Smith is a "football player"/"musician."

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