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I've been bombarded by emails asking me about my Sarah Spain incident at the Super Bowl, so I'm grudgingly making one final post about it, and that is this: there's really nothing to say — my story from Friday night is much more interesting. Sarah and I sent a bunch of text messages to each other on Saturday night, and ended up having a brief meeting outside a bar. Then she was whisked away in a limo and I kept drinking. My friend White Dade was less than impressed, but I thought she was perfectly nice and, yes, attractive.

To wrap this whole story up, I spoke with her for a little over half an hour last night. We talked about the crazy weekend, our favorite teams losing consecutive Super Bowls, our respective careers, blah blah blah. It's not great material for With Leather when people are nice and intelligent. When I told her that one of the eagle-eyed KSK boys had found the below video, she was justifiably horrified. (Look for her beginning around the 1:55 mark. White shirt.)

Sarah made it clear that the video was something ridiculous that she and a friend had treated as a joke, so music video appearances do not her career make. She would much rather I talked about her work in La La Land, which I obviously haven't seen, but which she could only say glowing things about the people with whom she worked on the film. At the end of the conversation we wished each other good luck.

So… there you go. The End. Most boring story ever. Hey, you people asked for it.

UPDATE: There's also video of Sarah talking about how she ended up at the Super Bowl. 

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