The Greatest Justin Bieber Photo Shoot Ever

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I suppose if I had a pre-teen daughter – and I pray this is purely hypothetical – I could understand the anger that some dads would have toward Justin Bieber. After all, if I had to listen to “Baby Baby Baby” on repeat while being begged to go see Never Say Never, I’d have a stack of boarding school pamphlets on my desk for sure. But I don’t, so I don’t really have that much anger for Bieber, unless you count his “fashion” and then, yeah, my forehead vein will pop a little.
But Bieber also does a lot for charities, and that’s pretty cool. Plus, he already gave us one of the greatest GIFs of all-time:

And now he’s teamed up with Complex Magazine for a photo shoot that is probably going to please the majority of guys aged 18-34. Bieber and photographer Tony Kelly created a boxing-inspired shoot that pretty much shows us what it would look like if the Biebs got his ass pummeled.
I think this more than makes up for the lack of boxing posts around here.

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