The Guy With The New LeBron Jersey Speaks Out

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07.30.10 9 Comments

Video is popping up everywhere of the brazen Miami Heat “fan” who wore his brand new LeBron James jersey to Wednesday night’s Cleveland Indians game at Progressive Field. From what we originally saw, this humble and inconspicuous young man was trying to find his seats in the left field bleachers with his girlfriend, when the crowd reacted poorly to his choice of attire. He was then removed from his seats, thus creating the world’s most polarizing argument since evolution vs. creationism – How dare they remove him because of his clothes?

It turns out that this gentleman, Matt Bellamy, was probably in the wrong seats, and he had probably been in the wrong seats in various sections of the stadium. Shocking, we know, that after all of this he was possibly just looking for attention. Cleveland Frowns blogger Peter Pattakos caught up with Bellamy in the concourse and filled in some background information, and Bellamy is everything we expected.

Paint a picture of the new face of bandwagon fans, Cleveland Frowns:

One underreported fact about Bellamy is that he was wearing a Buckeyes hat. He told me that he was born in Lakeland, Florida but moved to Sandusky when his parents divorced when he was 11. Wendy confirmed that they were from Sandusky. Bellamy also said he worked in a factory in Sandusky (Ed. – queue Tommy Boy jokes).

Wendy also told me that Bellamy had a four-inch scar on the back of his head from having been mugged and pistol-whipped somewhere in Sandusky. When I asked him why he wore the jersey, he told me that he’d live down in Florida if he could figure out a way to make it happen, and understands why LeBron would do the same. “[Eff] the haters,” he said.

First, the Ohio State hat clearly gives him away as a fake Heat fan. If he were a real Heat fan he would have been throwing up the U hand signs, repping the Miami Hurricanes like a true South Florida street-tough, suburban white kid.

Second, as I live in and sadly understand Central Florida and its people, if he is a Heat fan, he became one in 2006, and spent the last three years telling people that he was a Cleveland Cavaliers fan because it was the cool thing to do. And I’m also willing to bet that in the 2008-09 NBA Finals he told people, “I’m from Lakeland, I’ve been an Orlando Magic fan my whole life.” Then again, he probably owns a Kobe Bryant jersey, too.

I heaped praise at his young lady friend yesterday for being so seemingly cool during this mess. Sadly, it turns out she can only take so much.

(Plenty of pictures available at Cleveland Frowns.)

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