04.10.07 10 years ago 2 Comments

The Lakers and Nuggets — two teams passing in the night.  Last night the Nuggs stepped on the Lakers on their way up the playoff ladder, riding great performances by Carmelo Anthony and Marcus Camby to win their sixth straight, 115-111.  I could easily be a glass-half-full guy and talk about how great it is that Denver is finally becoming the team most fans hoped for when Allen Iverson was traded from Philadelphia, but it's much more fun to point and laugh at the Lakers.

What's the source of the Lakers' mediocrity?  Some might say it's the mediocre players that surround Kobe Bryant, but I think it's the mediocre players' dating habits that's affecting the team negatively.  Male supermodel / With Leather reader Derek claims that Luke Walton is dating Britney Spears.  And it's probably true, because Britney recently wore a Lakers jersey to a game.  Plus, it was confirmed by a friend of Karen Kays on the Jorge Sedano show.  Whoever those people are.  I'm guessing they're not part of the wait staff at my favorite restaurant — although it would be more meaningful if they were.

Other NBA news: Dallas locks up home court advantage throughout the playoffs with a win over LA's other mediocre b-ball team…  Dwight Howard and the Magic torched the Bucks by shooting almost 63% from the field… Wanna know who isn't going to the playoffs? The Knicks.

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