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Dwight Howard’s 21 points and 14 rebounds paced the Orlando Magic last night as they managed to win their first home game of this NBA Finals series, 108-104. The Magic shot 62 percent from the field as the Lakers…holy balls, 62 percent? Did Kobe stay on the offensive end of the floor for the whole game?

After two straight cold performances in L.A., the Magic were more accurate than any team in NBA finals history.

“They pretty much made all their shots,” Lakers forward Trevor Ariza said.

The Magic shot a blistering 75 percent (24 of 32) in the first half and cooled off in the second half when they were only 16 of 32.

Phil Jackson said that the controversial rim touch by Pau Gasol in Game 2 was, in his opinion, goaltending…The Lakers shot 61 percent from the line in Game 3, one percent worse than the Magic fared from the field…Scoop Jackson wrote some ridiculous thing about white people hating Kobe in his Page 2 column. I don’t why it’s called “hating on” somebody; maybe saying that is easier than actually articulating some kind of rebuttal to the conventional opinion. Whatever, dude.

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