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It’s hard to believe that it was some 20 years ago when Michael Jordan was still tearing up the NBA and everyone in high school couldn’t wait for the latest Air Jordan basketball shoes to come out. Well, here’s the latest model, the Air Jordan 2010, and these things couldn’t be any uglier if they were made out of Seattle Seahawks.

The most obvious distinction is a massive transparent window through the middle of the shoe as a representation of Michael Jordan’s on-court prowess of “seeing through opponents”. The shoe’s collar is also cut disproportionately with the medial side being higher up. –Hypebeast

This is the 25th edition of Jordan’s custom kicks…and this seems like a pretty good place to stop. Well 2003–the last year Jordan ever wore an NBA uniform–would have worked, also, but seriously, this shoe looks like the brains at Nike created this shoe on a dare. Did you catch Jordan’s Hall of Fame speech? Didn’t he come off like a total asshole? Well get this…we put a big black asshole IN THE SHOE! And then they probably high-fived and whipped a few Indonesian children after that.

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