01.16.07 11 years ago 3 Comments

With the news that one of the NFL's games will be played in London next season, football fans everywhere are up in arms over the various ramifications about the decision. Well, I guess not football fans everywhere. I imagine football fans in London are pretty happy about it.

Dave's Football Blog took the lead on this back in November, suggesting that Twickenham Stadium, the ancestral home of Rugby Union, should host the game, as it would appeal to a more fitting fan base than Wembley Stadium, which generally plays host to soccer matches and Queen concerts. Naturally, Wembley got the nod over Twick.

Meanwhile, my degenerate buddies over at Kissing Suzy Kolber are more concerned with which Simpsons episodes best represent negative stereotypes of Brits, and the consensus is that not only do the Giants deserve a home game stolen from them after last year's "away" game at Giants Stadium, but that Michael Strahan is an excellent candidate for the Big Book of British Smiles. ("Dental plan!" "Lisa needs braces!" "Dental plan!" "Lisa needs braces!")

But it's not all bad news for American NFL fans. NBX blog claims that this is a perfect opportunity for a road trip, since the lack of British interest guarantees cheap, available tickets… and sports betting is totally legal there! Hooray, gambling!

Also: cricket is stupid. I know that doesn't have anything to do with the NFL, but it just feels good to get off my chest. I fucking hate that sport. 

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