12.29.08 9 years ago 8 Comments

“Yarrrr, I told her not to run on the wet poop deck”

You’ll have to excuse me for continuing to bathe in the glory of the NFL’s splendid Week 17.  I understand that this is public glory, and my nude bathing upsets the children.  But there are some NFL-related photos I felt I had to share, like the Buccaneers fans above.  The ribbon really dresses up the neck brace, I think.

Below we’ve got Steelers receiver Hines Ward chilling off duty with porn star Lisa Ann (he ruv her rong time?), and also a vehicle dedicated to the Steelers, courtesy Grimey at loljocks.  Hey, you can’t spell “Pittsburgh” without PT… Cruiser.

And I threw in some visual evidence of Tony Romo’s misery, because knowing he collapsed in the shower after the game just doesn’t quite satisfy my lust for schadenfreude.  Hey, he went home and nailed Jessica Simpson.  Is that worth the entire Dallas metropolitan area and millions more people hating your guts?  No, probably not.  Hooray!

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