The NFLPA Still Wants To Win The Fan Battle

07.26.11 6 years ago

With the NFL Lockout finally over, and undrafted free agents being snatched up now, you’d think that everyone could finally settle down and simply get back to business. It’s been a rough 12 weeks for us fans, so we’re just content to see the rosters start to shape up and get back to some speculation as we sort out our fantasy football draft sheets. But the NFLPA isn’t done just yet. As the players finalize the re-certification of their union, some of them put together the above video to thank the fans for sticking with the NFL throughout this mess. And I think I speak for the average football fan when I say – whatever, dude. Just play some damn football already.

Looking back at the lockout, I don’t think most fans had any clue what was going on, so of course we took sides based on player Tweets and whatever propaganda we were fed from both camps throughout. But after last week’s nonsense, with the owners saying the deal was done and the players denying it and crying that it was all a ploy to tip the perception scales in their favor, I don’t really give a turtle’s poop about thanks or apologies anymore. You want us fans to be happy? Get back on the field and remind us that you love the game, so we can remember that we love the game, too.

Quit acting like a pissed off girlfriend who seemingly ended an argument but just keeps bringing up old news. We don’t care anymore. We don’t care if the owners were checking out another girl’s ass. We don’t care if the players were leaving their underwear on the bathroom floor. We just want to watch football, cheer our favorite players, and complain about our teams like none of it ever happened.

Give us that, and we’ll thank you.

(Video via Pro Football Talk.)

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