07.10.08 9 years ago 16 Comments

Republican candidate for president John McCain will almost certainly need Pennsylvania to win the coming election (and Ohio, too, so you can count on another fucked up election), so he sat down with Pittsburgh's KDKA and addressed a central issue facing western Pennsylvania voters: talking about the Steelers.

"The Steelers really made a huge impression on me — particularly in their early years."

The Steelers were founded in 1933, and McCain remembers their early years.  Just wanted to point that out.

In fact, McCain explains how the team helped him during his time in a POW camp.  "When I was first interrogated and really had to give some information because of the physical pressures that were on me, I named the starting lineup — defensive line — of the Pittsburgh Steelers as my squadron-mates!"

"Every time I come to Pittsburgh, I'm reminded of a POW camp."  Me too, John.  Me too. 

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