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Manny Pacquiao might be the only bow arrow in the quiver for people that defend boxing today. The latest fighter to be adorned with the mythical “pound-for-pound” title disposed of Miguel Cotto in a fight so anticipated that it liberated certain corners of the world.

For about five rounds, this was a sensational action fight as both men gave as good as they took. It had the sold-out MGM Grand Garden Arena crowd of more than 16,200 surging with electricity. We already knew Pacquiao had great speed and power, but what he showed against Cotto was a tremendous chin. Make no mistake: Cotto got in a lot of heavy punches, but Pacquiao weathered the storm like a champ. After the fight was over, Pacquiao’s face was marked up, cut and bruised, and his right ear was a mess. –Dan Rafael,

ASYLUM POLL: Does Manny Pacquiao have to save boxing?

Could someone even consider making the claim that MMA was better than boxing if all of boxing’s fights were as exciting as Pacquiao’s? Maybe; you might see a good pay-per-view once or twice a year, whereas some MMA outfit seems to be airing a card once or twice a month, sometimes on free TV. MMA, whether it’s better or not, is immensely more accessible right now, which makes the argument a bit of an unfair fight.

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