Things Are Going Great For The Mets

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At 4-7 and losers of 3 straight and 6 of their last 7, all is not well for the New York Mets. While very early in the season, the team is already suffering from a tremendous morale problem after a tumultuous offseason and the loss of staff ace Johan Santana for most of the year. But in the darkness there is light, as first-year manager Terry Collins has lifted his team up and placed his players atop the wings of a golden eagle of pride and made the rest of the league shout, “Alas, the Mets have arrived!”

Or he held a team meeting 11 games into the season.

“I’ve been on teams where you go through a stretch like this and it’s easy to slough off, it’s easy to say, ‘Woe is me. Here we go again. We’ll just get ready for tomorrow,’” Collins said about his motivation for addressing the players. “We can’t. We’ve got to press forward. We’ve got to come back and make tonight be the night. … I just want to make sure that everybody still realizes that this is a nine-inning, 27-out [game], or however many innings you’ve got to play — if the team comes back in the sixth inning and takes the lead that we’ve still got innings to play.” (Via ESPN)

David Wright said the meeting lasted two minutes and was no big deal, and I’m not really one to be making fun of a 4-7 team when my team is 5-7 and sniffing Pittsburgh’s farts, but I’m raising this point because I actually admire Collins for doing something this early. If this were still Jerry Manuel’s team he would have talked Carlos Delgado out of retiring and made each player donate bone shavings and ligaments to speed up Carlos Beltran’s recovery. Another step in the right direction, Mets fans.

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