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I guess Fanhouse picked this up last week, but hermaphrodite athletes always get the green light around here. Wait, what I meant to say was…when a woman has a penis, I want to find out more about it. No! I was trying to say that women that used to have penises are in demand…No, no, actually, see…if there’s a woman that has a…forget it. Just roll the blockquote.

Sarah Gronert, 22, was born with both male and female genitalia but later had surgery to remove the male organs and is now legally certified as a woman. But even with the surgery, the tennis world is locked in a debate over whether she belongs on the women’s professional circuit.

The coach of one player who was bested by Gronert says no way [“No way, Jose!” Although this took place in Germany, and the chances of being called “Jose” there are quite slim, I’d guess–Ed].

“There is no girl who can hit serves like that, not even Venus Williams,” said Schlomo Tzoref, who coaches player Julia Glushko. Glushko recently lost to Gronert in a tournament in Israel.

Transgendered people in sports drive me nuts. And it’s not because I’m some big, mean, tranny hater. It’s because the gender line is one of the last surviving relics of society, and that’s not even a line anymore. It looks like some streaked glass window that Najeh Davenport wiped his ass on. So I don’t know how you’d say, “Eh, she could play,” but I also don’t know how you’d say she couldn’t.

I bet she could smoke some mean pole, though. …WHO SAID THAT?!

|NY Daily News|

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