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Everyone is wondering when the amalgam of sponsorship deals in Tiger Woods’ endorsement portfolio is going to fall apart. Eventually some of these sponsors are going to cut their ties with Tiger, right? That’s what everyone thought when Gatorade announced that it was pulling its “Tiger Focus” brand of drinks off of shelves. But not so fast, my chubby-fingered acquaintance…

What’s most unusual about this story is that, despite all appearances to the contrary, the move by Pepsi seems to have absolutely nothing to do with Tiger’s very public marital problems. The drink’s discontinuance was reported in industry rag Beverage Digest in the issue dated Nov. 25, 2009, as part of a major story about Pepsi’s planned changes to the line, titled “Major Changes Coming For Gatorade. PepsiCo Creating New Three-Part Product Line. Company Plans to Refocus Gatorade Beyond Sports Drinks to ‘Sports Performance Innovation.'” –Daily Finance Blog.

The endorsements that made up most of Tiger Woods’ $100 million income from 2008, by all accounts that I could find, seems to remain intact. But the fact that the beverage was scheduled to be dropped before Tiger’s cascade of ‘tang hit the media points to the fact that Tiger’s brand appeal was weakening before this whole mess even started. MoneyCentral reports that Woods was on pace to make $1 billion in 2010. Hopefully that sort of money can find him some more attractive mistresses. Money doesn’t go as far as it used to, I guess…especially now that he can’t use that crafty “Is it IN you?” line anymore. Man, I bet that was hilarious.

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