Tiger Woods Has Been Framed

10.20.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

Back in June, adult actress Devon James jumped in on Adultererpalooza when she claimed to not only have had an affair with Tiger Woods, but that she made a sex tape with the embattled golfer and that he was also the father of her 9-year old son. Since then, a Florida judge told James to take a hike after she failed to show for a paternity case to prove her claims, and now a Philadelphia boxer is telling people that James and her husband hired him to film a sex tape with her because he looks like Tiger. Dude, happens to me all the time with Brad Pitt.

Teneal Goyco claims that Devon and Nick James asked him to film a sex scene with her for $10,000 because she had a fantasy involving Tiger, so Goyco said, “Sure I will have sex for $10,000” because he’s a man with an operative brain. But Devon is denying this claim, as she says Nick would never let her film a sex scene with another man. At least he has morals.

Tell us where the bad people touched you, Courier Mail:

Mr Goyco said James and her husband had him dress like Woods – pinstriped shirt, Nike hat, sweater vest – and put makeup on his face and body so his skin colour more closely matched Woods’s. James referred to Mr Goyco as “Tiger” throughout the taping.

James said on October 1 that she had sold the tape to an unspecified DVD production company for $US350,000. She is taking preorders online for a video to be shipped to customers on November 15.

Now I’m no big city lawyer, I’m just a guy from a little town in Missourah with a Florida college education and a tendency to glance at a few seconds of adult film material. But Devon claims that she and Tiger first had an affair when she was 19 at a Christian retreat, and that resulted in the birth of a child that she doesn’t even have custody of. Her mother has the kid because she claims her daughter is a pathological liar. Haha, women be lying!

In January, an executive from Vivid claimed that a sex tape involving James was being examined for authenticity, and in December of last year, Woods’s lawyers filed an injunction blocking any videos or photos from being released. The fact that Goyco claims that he slept with James on July 31 means 1 of 3 things: 1) James was full of sh*t so she regrouped and tried to cover her gold-digging tracks; 2) Goyco is full of sh*t; 3) Tiger is the victim of a terrible framejob, which is surprisingly not the act of fellatio in a Sears photo studio.

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