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Irene Folstrom, who was (she says) Tiger Woods’ girlfriend at Stanford, now works as an attorney in Minnesota, fighting for the rights of Native Americans in that state. She approached GOLF.com about her relationship with Woods to, in her words, “stick up for a friend.” Now that the Parade of Whores is over and the healing has begun, it seems appropriate to let Ms. Folstrom have the floor.

Like everyone else, I was shocked by the revelations about his infidelities. The Tiger I knew was loyal, devoted and self- controlled. I’m not naive, but I can say with certainty that he was faithful during the time we dated. The speculation that he’s being treated for sex addiction is surprising because we enjoyed a normal sexual relationship.[..]

I will say that Tiger had an ability to shut things out and compartmentalize his emotions. Even back then he felt enormous pressure to be Tiger Woods. Maybe this was his form of escape. –GOLF.com

Also, she said that Tiger was “a great boyfriend” back in the day. But that was before Nike backed up the Brinks truck to his front porch. This has been said so many different ways, but it’s easy to be single before that Parade of Whores starts up and prances right through your street. And of course, even if a man has the dignity to ingore those lascivious ladies, we call him a homo anyway. Ain’t that America.

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